• ZFDM-4 Flue Gas Dust Monitor

    Accurate back scattering

    dust monitor

    Robust and accurate back scattering dust monitor for rough industrial installations

    QAL1 certified continuous monitoring of particulates concentration. Thanks to the backscattering technology, the LED light beam provides an accurate measurement (insensitive to ambient light). The self-checking anti-fouling functions and the continuous automatic correction system correct possible measurement drifts. This device is suitable for small and medium diameter ducts, for very low and medium dust concentrations as well as for light to dark coloured particles.
  • ZPA

    5 components analyser - NDIR single beam

    ZPA is best suited to the measurement of exhaust gas from refuse incinerators, boilers, and various industrial furnaces.

    NO, SO2, CO2, CO, CH4 Non-dispersion infrared-ray absorption methodSingle  light  source  and  single  beams  (single  beam system) O2 : Galvanic fuel cell O2 analyzer (built-in) paramagnetic O2 analyzer (built-in), or zirconia O2 analyzer (externally installed TYPE: ZFK7)
  • Fuji Electric Extractive Gas Analyzers for process control and continuous measurement of stack emissions. Their QAL1 certification guarantees high performance and regulatory and normative compliance. Reliable and precise, their design quality guarantees 24-hour operation in difficult environments such as smoke from industrial chimneys. Robustness reduces maintenance costs and increases the availability of boilers and equipment. Extractive measurement consists of taking a gas flow from the chimney or the gas pipe via a sampling probe and conveying it to the gas analyzer. The gas is sampled, treated in order to ensure optimal conditions for gas measurement.
  • Microventuri based continuous monitoring of flue gas flow rate, pressure and temperature
    Designed for tough industrial applications with highly dusts loaded fl ue gas.
  • Flue Gas Humidity Monitors Delta-O2

    In-situ or extractive O2 + H2O monitors
    Continuous measurement of humidity in highly dusts loaded flue gas through dry and wet zirconia oxygen measurements. In-situ or extractive O2 + H2O monitors depending on the application. Perfect for combustion control of biomass boilers : industrial boilers, district heating.
    O2 DRY  -  O2 WET -  H2O
  • In-situ zirconia oxygen gas analysers

    Fast response (4–7 seconds)
    Optimization of combustion efficiency and compliance with environmental standards Ideal for combustion control in boilers, incinerators and furnaces. Lowering CO₂, SOx, and NOx emissions while saving energy This oxygen analyser is used to continuously measure oxygen concentration in combustion exhaust gas of industrial boilers or furnaces, and is ideally suited for combustion management and control, such as garbage incinerators and smallest to largest sized boilers, as combustion controllers, achieving a significant energy-saving effect.
  • Hydrogen Analysers

    Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyser ZAF and ZAFE
    Reliable process control for furnaces, metal industry, semiconductor and gas separation. The analyser continuously measures the concentration of gases such as H2, He, and Ar with high stability. It is also available in a version for hazardous areas (for countries outside the European Union): ZAFE certified Ex NEPSI.
  • ATEX in-situ oxygen analysers

    Ex-proof in situ zirconia oxygen analyzer for combustion control
    Ex-proof in situ zirconia oxygen analyzer for combustion control
    The oxygen measurement enables the control of burner fuel/air ratios to ensure combustion efficiency and process safety. Fuji Electric O2 Analyser is adapted to be installed in hazardous areas and to withstand critical environments as:
    • Refinery process heaters
    • Petrochemical reactor furnaces
    • Industrial large scale boilers
  • ZRE

    5 gas NDIR analyser - Single beam
    Compact and easy to use Excellent stability over time No influence of humidity on the measurement Automatic calibration, communication and alarms Simultaneous and continuous measurement of the concentration of 5 gases: CO - CO2 - NO - NOX - SO2 - CH4 - O2
  • ZKJ

    5 components analyser - NDIR dual beam

    Ideal for controlling polluting emissions

    Uses a highly sensitive mass flow meter as a detector. Simultaneous and continuous measurement of 5 gases : CO2  -  CO  -  CH4  -  NOX  -  SO2  -  O2  -  NO  -  N2O


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